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All muns interested in playing their characters at hurricane cove must fill out an application before doing so.

Please fill out completely. All applications are screened.



Mun Name: your name or nickname you'd like to go by.
Dreamwidth Journal: the journal you'll be using to play your character in this game. unlinked; eg: ~hurricanecove
Email Address: a second method to contact you if necessary.
AIM Screenname: that you wish to use for the IC chat in this game
Your Game Hours: when you can be reached, your time zone
Preferred RP Method: e-mails, GoogleDocs, IM, etc.
Other Characters: do you already play other characters in this game? who?
Mun Triggers: things you absolutely will not write

The Basics
Character Name: their full name
Aliases/Nickname(s): aliases and/or nickname(s) the character has, if any
Birthdate: month, day, year (if known)
Age: their age. If their age differs vastly from their appearance, state how old they appear as well
Sexual Orientation: (gay, straight, bi, top, bottom, versatile)
Played-By (also called Face Claim): name of the celebrity you choose to represent your character's face

The Details
Occupation: what does your character do for a living?
Housing Situation: see the LOCATIONS to choose where you wish them to live. Please note that we have a temporary cap on Dorado del Mar to even things out, so please choose one of the other five housing options available.
Special Abilities, Talents, etc.: a full list of skills or talents, magical or otherwise, that your character will display.
Likes: five or more things the character enjoys, hobbies, favorite movies, books, food etc.
Dislikes: five or more things the character does not enjoy.
Quirks: does the character have any notable quirks, like biting their bottom lip, or having an obvious tell when they lie?
Appearance: include height, weight, eye and hair color, body build, tattoos or piercings and scars if they have any. Also depending on their species (werewolves, shifters, etc.), describe their alternate appearance.
Photo: choose one that describes the character best, add a second image (could be a photo or a drawing) if they are able to transform.
Personality: describe the character's personality as best you can.
Heaven, Hell or No Man's Land? pick one.
Background: anything you want us to know about your character's history. You are free to develop your character here. This can be as short or as long as you please - 10 point facts or a couple of paragraphs (or even longer, if you like to include a lot of detail).
Game Connections: is your character already mated? With who? If not yet, do they have a potential mate? Do they have any siblings, children, close friends in the game?
Game Play : do you have a limited, busy schedule and prefer to play only with your partners or can potential players contact you to work out the storylines?

If this is your first time applying, please include:
First-Person Writing Sample:
A sample of what the character would sound like in their blog or social networking post (facebook, twitter, etc.)

Third-Person Writing Sample:
Must be pertaining to the character you are applying for, could be a scene tag or a narrative.

You have two options for submitting an application:

Comment to this post with a link to a Dreamwidth journal post that has your application on it.
Or, if you do not yet have a Dreamwidth journal and would prefer to not make one until your application accepted, you can email the application (as well as any questions you might have) to the mod at

current character count: 14

angels: 3
humans: 1
merfolk: 2
shifters: 1
special abilities/gifted humans: 2
vampires: 1
werewolves: 3
witches: 1

code bases by tricklet
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