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Steps to Joining the Hurricane Cove RPG

I. Please read the Rules first and make sure you agree with them.

Then read the following game information:

Decide what species you would like your character to be and where you would like them to live.

Double-check the Reserves and Taken pages to make sure the celebrity you want to use as played-by (face claim) for your character isn't already taken by another member. Reserve your favorite celebrity face to make sure they'll be available to you at the time you submit your application.

Get a Dreamwidth journal for your character at (and an AIM screenname if you don't have one already). Post an entry with your application in the journal or wait until your application is accepted and get the journal later.

II. Set up your journal:

From the Dreamwidth main page (, click:

1.) Organize > Manage Account > My Account Settings > Privacy:

If you want to remove your email address from your character's profile page, select "Nobody" from the drop down menu under Contact Info Security.

Please make sure under Minimum Entry Security that "Everyone" is selected so your character's entries will show up on the game's reading/friends page.

Please make sure under Off-Site Search Engines that "Attempt to block outside search engines from indexing my journal" is checked.

Please make sure under IP Address Logging that Log IP addresses of "Nobody" is chosen to assure the privacy of your fellow members.

2.) Organize > Manage Account > My Account Settings > Display:

Make sure that under adult content "this journal contains content that is suitable for 18+" is selected.

III. Submit your Application.

Comment to this post with a link to a Dreamwidth journal post that has your application on it.
Or, you can email the application to the mod at

Please make sure you have spell-checked your application and writing samples for typos and grammar errors.

Please note that the mod reserves the right to deny membership at their discretion to any prospective player for any reason.

Do NOT join the communities until your application is accepted.

IV. Once accepted please do the following:

1.) Place the following disclaimer on your character's profile page in the tab Mini Bio:

This journal has been created for the Hurricane Cove RPG. This journal is not affiliated in any way with the real celebrity. Everything in this journal is completely fictional.

2.) Go to the Members Area to friend all current Hurricane Cove members and comms.

3.) Go here and click on the buttons "Grant Access" and "Subscribe" to friend the Hurricane Cove mod journal.

4.) Go to [community profile] hurricanecove_main and click on "Join", "Subscribe" and "Track" at the top of the page, do the same for [community profile] hurricanecove_ooc and [community profile] hurricanecove_rp to request access to post to Hurricane Cove RPG.

V. Introduce your character in [community profile] hurricanecove_main in your character's voice.
All members are encouraged to post in [community profile] hurricanecove_ooc to let other members know who your character is, what your plans are for them and what kind of storylines you would like to find for them as well as what storylines you are able to offer.

VI. If you have any questions, please feel free to

1. use the Contact Box
2. email the mod:
3. pm the mod here

Thank you for your interest in Hurricane Cove, we're looking forward to playing with you!

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