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while in human form a werewolf's strength is near super human. they can easily punch through various type of stones and even metal and steel if enough effort is applied. they can move with such speed that they become a blur of motion or even invisible with speed. a werewolf's senses are enhanced to levels only imaginable by humans. the sense of smell becomes so sharp that they can literally smell the emotions of others around them and they can track other living beings, even in their human form. they can also smell sickness, like cancer, especially in animals. their sense of hearing is such that they can hear whispered conversations from moderate distances. those who needed vision aids like glasses or contacts will no longer need them, their vision will heighten to even better than twenty-twenty. all their physical abilities and senses are even further enhanced while in wolf form. their healing is almost instantaneous. small cuts and scratches seem to heal instantly, while gunshots and stab wounds may take several second to a few minutes depending on the severity of the wounds

werewolves age, but the process is slow. they age normally from birth to the age of 16. after that, 5 years of human aging would equal to 1 year of normal aging for werewolves. werewolves are not immortal, however, they can never die of old age, of sickness or disease, and most poisons and drugs have little to no effect on them, the only exception being wolfsbane. while in wolf form, they can communicate through a form of telepathy. werewolves are able to read each other thoughts while in wolf form. if a wolf is hiding an embarrassing secret, chances are the others already know. this ability in human form is similar but instead of reading actual thoughts, they are able to get impressions or feelings of what the other wolf is trying to tell them.

when shifted the werewolf keeps their human thoughts and memories and can control their body, however, the wolf will have more dominance but can be influenced and even controlled by the human side. as the human can influence the wolf, the wolf can do the same to the human and even wrestle away control if it senses danger. all wolves feel the universal pull of the moon and are compelled to shift on nights the moon is full in the sky.

werewolves can consume human food for sustenance when in their human form. during their werewolf form, they only crave raw meat/flesh. werewolves can consume the blood of vampires, to an extent. heavy amounts of vampire blood will kill them. werewolves will drink vampire blood as a method of getting high. it has the same effect on them that ecstasy has on humans.

every single werewolf has a mate. that one person, that one soul that completes them. someone they will love and cherish above all others and would die to protect if they need to. mates usually find each other through their sense of smell. as soon as a wolf catches the scent of their mate there is an instant bond and attraction. a witch or human who is mated to a wolf will just feel a strong connection and attraction. the bond between mates can be fought but never ignored. to fight such a bond will feel like tearing out your own heart. an emptiness will fill your chest and soul until you eventually give into it, or grow mad from the despair.


→ werewolves can be born from at least one werewolf parent or bitten by a werewolf or scratched deep enough for it's DNA to be properly seeded within one's own blood stream. a witch who has been bitten will lose their ability to use magic during their first transformation. their magic is simply "burnt" out of them during the change.

→ the newly created werewolf will change at the first sign of the moon, and then wake up in the morning. since the person will likely not know that they've been changed, it is likely that they'll wake up naked, somewhere random, after a blacked-out night of no control. after that, they will notice a heightened sense of hearing, smell, and sight. not to mention a burning desire for meat, especially raw or still living. without proper guidance, it's nearly impossible for them to figure out their new gift. or curse, depending on who you talk to. many newly created werewolves die because their behavior makes them easy to track and hunters get them, or they find themselves in other dangerous positions that they can't survive.

→ clothing does not shift with a wolf and will tear and shred upon transformation

→ werewolves can shift at will and do partial shifts such as hands into claws. full shifts, especially shifting back to human, are always exhausting and drain their energy for a day.

→ while no poisons can affect a werewolf, wolfsbane seems to be acidic to the touch. it will burn werewolves and if ingested can weaken and knock out a wolf. long-term exposure such as in the air will weaken a wolf and keep them weak.

→ silver has a deadly effect if it enters the bloodstream and severely burns their skin, but only when they are in their werewolf form.

→ a werewolf can be killed through decapitation or removal of the heart.

→ werewolves that are born naturally take the form of a wolf (animal) when they shift. werewolves that were bitten take the form of a werewolf. during any regular non-full moon day of the cycle, both retain their normal, human appearance. it is impossible to tell a werewolf in its human form just by looking at it.

→ when it comes to fur color, that will be up to the player, however it must be natural colors one will see on a real life wolf. no blue or pink spotted wolves. a wolf's eyes will reflect the human form's eye color, although while human the eyes can shift to a golden/amber, or blue wolves that are changing due to emotional stress are unstable, and their eyes are a bright red when over excited, angry, or afraid - which some believe is a natural "red flag". they will attack anyone and anything, regardless of personal connection. the only way to calm them down is through a very strong, deep personal connection of some kind, or to keep them contained until they pass out on their own.

→ mates can be of any species

→ there are no hybrids in this game canon. a child born of a wolf and another species can be either or, never both.

→ a spell must be bestowed upon a werewolf once they find out that they are pregnant, to prevent transformations for the duration of the pregnancy. the spell only works on pregnant wolves, and is in no way a cure.


there are no born vampires in existence. vampires are the result of a supernatural disease that reanimates the dead. vampires are neither dead nor alive...their skin is cool to the touch and they have no need to breathe; a vampire's body is completely animated by the blood they consume. they do however have the ability to animate their body to make it seem like they are breathing, to blend in with human society; even if those blood tears are a dead give-away to the contrary.

vampires can sleep whenever they want. sleep is less needed the older the vampire. vampires don’t need an eight hour night sleep since usually 3-4 hours during the daytime is enough for them to feel refreshed. they're weaker during the day, but they don't need to sleep so they can choose to remain awake during those hours if they would like. most do sleep through the daytime hours more often than not since the lack of sleep does affect them and it's easy to go weeks without it if you get in the habit of skipping it. most vampires prefer a comfy bed above a coffin, but like with humans, there are always exceptions.

vampires look like every other normal human being, and cannot be picked out of a crowd unless they're showing their true face. they do not age from the day they were turned. during feeding their fangs descend, but vampires can "vamp up" when they feel threatened or sometimes just when they feel like it. it depends on the age of the vampire as to how much they can control spontaneous vamping up. young vampires can have trouble concealing themselves as the bloodlust will often force the vamp change to occur.

crosses, holy water or any other religious item has no effect on them whatsoever and the effect of garlic on a vampire is a myth too. they appear in mirrors, can't change in a bat or fog. the fact that they don't age is, of course, true, and they cannot die of natural causes but can be killed by force.

vampires can be weakened exceedingly by silver and sunlight - though sunlight does not cause vampires to spontaneously combust, it just stings like a bitch. it is akin to a bad sunburn. they can survive in shaded areas, but it can still make them weak. the younger the vampire the more sensitive they are to the sun. they can be killed by being beheaded. a stake to the heart can paralyze a vampire - but is not a sure method of killing them. dismemberment and burning are the only sure ways to kill a vampire.

blood is the life force of the vampire, they must feed to stay strong. the longer they go without blood, the weaker they become. a vampire that doesn't feed will lose their mind and become so weak they can't move, but they will not die. their bodies shrivel to mummy-like status and they fall into a slumber. as long as you are drinking blood regularly you can really go about your life as normal. like humans, every vampire is different; some are content with only a small amount of human blood to survive - while others prefer to gorge themselves with little care for the sanctity of human life. some more active vampires will need to feed more often, however, if careful, they can keep to the minimum. the older the vampire the easier it is for them to control their blood lust. if human blood is not available, vamps can drink animal blood but it basically tastes like dog food.

if a vampire drinks blood from the dead, it is like poison to them - and can weaken them incredibly and, if they haven't fed recently enough - kill them.

vampire spectrum of taste

MER: om nom nom. undeniably the yummiest and most nutritious blood for vampires. it gives them a high akin to a human on ecstasy.

HUMANS: basic nutrition for vampires. you know what they say; "an apple a day keeps the hunger at bay". humans taste okay but hold no special dietary traits like those species higher on the 'spectrum of yum'.

WEREWOLVES: vampires will drink werewolf blood as a method of getting high. It has the same effect on them that cocaine has on humans.

DEMONS: most vampires will tell you that demon blood tastes like sludge. don't even bother because you're not going to like it. it's just a shame they look so human!

strengths & abilities

vampires are able to compel humans with a bewitching stare. this allows them to control and influence the actions of others; compulsion does not always work though, especially not on extremely strong-willed people. it does not work on other supernatural species or other vampires. the older and stronger you are, the easier it is to compel others. and adversely, the younger you are, the more often your compulsion will wear off quickly or be unsuccessful. those aware of the supernatural world can wear jewelry made of a flower called vervain that acts like a resistance to compulsion, alternatively, it can also be drunk on the regular making their blood foul, burning like a poison upon consumption - though it is not deadly.

psyche/mind related abilities are negated with vampires. charms/hexes/spells work best. vampires are able to cancel out mind related abilities because they have more advanced mind abilities. skilled vampires are able to fight their way through spells and basic charms but it does take energy and a weak vampire is more susceptible to those same abilities.

the vampiric disease makes vampires much more agile, stronger, faster, making it easy for them to feed on weaker prey. it also gives them accelerated healing, regeneration. and a basic invulnerability to conventional weapons such as knives and guns.

vampire blood gives humans a high. those who drink it have telepathy for as long as the blood is in their system (a couple of hours [a couple drops] to a couple of days depending on volume). this means that they can read thoughts that are directed towards them. those who drink vampire blood typically dream of the vampire and often have sexual and emotional sensations related to them while the blood remains in their body. vampire blood can heal and if you take it often enough, it can become addictive. even other vamps are given a little extra help healing if they drink from their brethren. but this is frowned upon unless a vamp is dying.

just being bitten is not enough to turn a human. a vampire bite can be pleasurable or painful, depending on the kind of bite. if the bite is violent and overly aggressive than the person being bitten would feel more pain than pleasure. if the bite is swift or sensual than the person being bitten would feel pleasure/euphoria.

the turning process is generally a very personal one, and very rarely done at random because of the steps it takes and because of the sire bond. to turn a human, the vampire must nearly drain the human, then feed the human some of the vampire's own blood. the human will die and needs to be buried, often times the sire will stay with them during this time because of the disorientation when the new vampire wakes. once ‘reborn’ they must feast on human blood to complete the transformation and ensure that they do not decay and therefore meet the true death. newly turned vampires have almost no control of their bloodlust, this is why a sire is important, to teach them how to feed and avoid bloodlust. usually, the sire also becomes the newly born vampire’s mentor, who will help them control their lust. the vampire and fledgling form a mutual bond, typically akin to a parent-child or romantic relationship. again, this is not the norm; the sire has been known to abandon the fledgling to survive on their own. after the first feeding, it is each individual’s choice as to whether or not their diet will consist of human or animal blood, or whether they will feed on a live source or use other means to satisfy their hunger; such as blood bags.


→ vampires do not sparkle.
→ vampires cannot also be werewolves or shifters.
→ exposure to blood is distracting to a vampire, though the degree of distraction varies according to age and state of hunger.
→ vampires are not capable of siring / giving birth to children
→ vampires can eat human food but only to keep up appearances or amuse themselves, but it has no nutrition values and they do not get drunk from alcohol.
→ a vampire can’t enter a household without an invitation and if they are told to leave, they have no choice but to leave.

Mod Note: To refrain from godmodding please always ask your roleplaying partners permission before using compulsion against their characters.


shifter is a general term, used for any creature that is able to shift from a human form to that of an animal. shifters can change form into many different animals but not into other humans.

all shifters share the common abilities of enhanced strength, speed, sense, and healing that goes beyond that of any human. other than their extraordinary healing abilities, shifters don’t have any extra powers, but they can take on different traits in their animal form, become quicker or stronger. they are physically weaker than werewolves -- with their physical strength as being equivalent to regular humans. one particular characteristic of shifters is the urge to run and play in open, isolated places with other shifters or animals while assuming animal form.

no shifter is able to wield magic. nature demands a balance in all things. the cost of having such physical abilities is losing any right to magical ones. they do share a deep connection to the earth like witches, it's just through their animal natures.

the first shift is often triggered in adolescence by puberty, but on rare occasion can be triggered earlier in high-stress situations - it is even rarer for a shifter to reach eighteen and have not experienced their first shift. until this age, the only hints of power are strength, stamina, advanced healing, and heightened senses. the first transformation is always the more painful since it takes several hours for the shift to completely but afterward, the change is instant and painless. it takes about 3 years to fully master powers.

a shapeshifter won’t forget who they are as they change into an animal, but their animal side will be in control instead of their human side. once the shifter changes their shape, their clothes will be left behind and once they change back into a human they will be completely naked. smart shifters keep some extra clothes hidden in familiar places.

shifters typically find some animals easier to shift into than others. they usually have one particular animal that requires little effort or thought for shifting, which is known as a "go-to shift." usually the animal the go-to animal is closely tied to the shifter's personality. not all shifters are alike but some animal forms have different abilities and advantages over others. such as bears being among some of the strongest, but slower than others. felines being the fastest.

animal forms

bear: bears are one of the strongest animal forms physically, although when in bear form shifters suffer from being slower. when in bear form, shifters could easily dominate most other animals while in a fight because of their strength and thick hides. however, a clever and swift pack or pride could prevail. since they are naturally large and powerful animals, when in bear form, shifters don't realize a boost in size when shifted.

deer/horse: deer and horse animal forms are useful more for speed than strength. their speed is almost unmatched by most other land animal forms. a clever lone wolf or feline could outsmart and catch a shifter in deer or horse form, but typically it will take several wolves or felines to take one down during a hunt. those two animal forms do not get an increase in size when shifted but are reported to be large for their kind. they are also the only animal forms that require running in order to trigger the transformation.


→ shifters are only born, not bitten or turned, the ability is passed down from parent to child. shifters will give birth to shifters, even if only one parent is a shapeshifter. shapeshifters are not born with the ability to shift; this generally occurs spontaneously at some point in their youth.

→ all shifters share a low-level telepathy of sorts used to communicate while in animal form with other shifters. the telepathic form of communication only works between shifters in the same animal form. otherwise, a shifter in bear form would have to communicate with a wolf the same way their natural counterparts would.

→ their diet is often based upon their primary animal form's diet, whether that be primarily carnivorous or vegetarian - though they can also eat other foods as well.

→ shifters do not have a weakness to a natural herb, like wolves do with wolfsbane. but mountain ash affects all of them like it does any supernatural creature.

→ fur or hair color, whatever the shifter's animal form looks like, it must be something one would see on an actual animal of that type.

→ shapeshifters are not immortal, live average human lifespans, and their rate of aging is the same as humans. it has been known for shifters to live longer than average if their go-to shift animal is known to have an extended lifespan.

→ during the nights of the full moon all shapeshifters can't stop the urge to shift. however, if they fall asleep or become unconscious in animal form, they will spontaneously shift back into human form come the morning.


the people of the mer are among the most ancient of all creatures that inhabit hurricane cove, or more accurately its waters. they were considered old when the sands of the beaches were still young. the mer hold the answers to secrets long since forgotten and lost to time. although they will never tell, for the cost is death. being born of the sea, the mer can always feel its pull, an attraction that beckons them to its depths. like in ancient times the mer possess fish or dolphin-like tails, a part of their bodies they can change into legs and back into again at will. no matter the form, the mer possess the same abilities, although the majority of them can only be used when inside the water. while swimming they move with incredible speed, able to outmatch any speed boat easily, able to match any hooved animal in speed, and a bear in strength. allowing them to tear through boats and carve out underwater grottos with their bare hands. they can communicate through telepathy with each other, both in and out of the water and no matter what form they take. the mer have also the ability to manipulate their natural environment, in this case, the sea and by extension water. they are able to control it, shape it, and even harden it until it becomes like steel. although they are a mighty force in the water, out of the water they are nothing more than humans. although they can spend at least twenty-four hours on land, a child of the mer can and will die if they are kept away from water for too long. drinking water is like putting a band-aid on an open and gushing wound. a shower may help but only temporary. a heavy and constant rain, the kind that soaks the land and drenches the body is enough for a child of the mer to survive and even activate their abilities on land.


→ can stay out of water for at least 24 hours, but will die if kept from water for much longer. drying and suffocating.

→ relaxing, practicing singing and dancing, gathering what food they need, and observing the world around them, the mer enjoy bohemian lifestyles in the comfort of their homes. some are silly and raucous, while others tend to be reserved and introspective, however, all prefer the company that treat others well. being excellent swimmers, they spend much of their time in the water, swimming about, pondering life.

→ their skin, while seemingly unable to hold a scar, is typically evenly tanned from being out in nature. their eyes may be of any color and are always highly saturated. the color of them flares when they become flushed. athletic, graceful and alluring, the mer keep their youthful looks till the day they die of old age.

→ the mer get easily distracted by other people’s beauty and tend to use their charm to get their way. they also can become really jealous and they might easily come up with a scheme how to get their own way to end the jealousy.

→ people of the mer are only born to two mer. any cross species mating will result in the child being of the other species. although they will feel the pull of the sea, they will not possess any benefits or abilities from their mer side.

→ half witch and half mer children will be witches, feel the pull of the sea and may have powers more related to water and/or the weather.

→ the ash of the mountain ash tree works on the mer when upon the land and could trap them in a circle formed from it. the same can not be said about being in water since the ash can't still in an unbroken circle in water.

→ they live twice as long as humans and age at half the speed once they reach any age from 18 - 36

→ immune to demon possession

→ it is rare for a child of the mer to be mated to a shifter, although it can happen.


humans have no special abilities or talents that are unique onto themselves. they are seen as innocents to other species and their opinions on supernatural creatures can vary. some are completely fine with them, some love them, and some are curious but fearful of them. it all depends on the person how they feel about the world around them. although they can never become a witch, they can learn the art of potion making and the usage of certain herbs from them. they can become werewolves and vampires through a transformation. humans exist in hurricane cove and will be accepted into this roleplay if you want to apply as one.


being human, the hunters have no special abilities or powers. they do however have important knowledge and tactics when it comes to dealing with other species. they see anything supernatural as a perversion of nature that must be destroyed. many hunters are people who have suffered at the hands of other species, be it having a family member killed or cursed. whatever the reason, anger, hatred, and ignorance swell the ranks of the hunters.


though they are rare, there are instances of superhuman powers in otherwise completely regular human beings. some were born with their abilities, others learn they have powers at a later age, some get their powers following an accident. no matter how they got their powers, humans learn to control them through experience, practice, and time. some powers are more physical while some are more on the mental side, every power has its good and bad sides.

(superpower wiki is a helpful site to think of what superpower your character might have. but remember the power you choose might not be accepted if it’s too overpowering.)


witch is a term used for human males and females that can wield magic. all witches are born with the gene. none are able to learn magic other than to refine the powers they are born with and learn how to better channel the elements to give them more strength when performing spells. they are guardians of nature and keepers of the balance between good and evil, the light and darkness. because of this, they have a close relation to the world. they can feel it like a heart beat under their feet, hear its voice in the wind, and channel his energy through themselves to perform magic.

every witch has the ability to control and manipulate the flow of energy. usually, this energy comes from the earth, or one of the elements, although it can also come from the witch themselves. however, it is dangerous for a witch to channel their own personal energy, as doing to much can and will result in death. to avoid this, witches learned to use the elements and even channel the power of their fellow witches to accomplish feats of wonder.

their power's strength relies heavily on how open they are to connection and the state of the earth. moon cycles, solar cycles, and seasons are especially dramatic when it comes to changing the power of magic. because of this, many spells can only be performed at certain times of a day or during certain seasons. powers exist from a very young age and increase. they peak at age 16-18.

like with werewolves, the older a witch, the stronger they become. same could be said for those who actually study the craft, remember knowledge is power. a young witch can possess stronger magic than an elder. however, it would be like comparing a baby with a rocket launcher in his crib, to a skilled marksman with twenty plus years of combat experience.

witches can control the elements, hold a flame in the palm of their hand, conjure a storm, or shoot bolts of lightning from their fingertips. the abilities of a witch are great and vast, however, like most creatures, they are better when working as a team. what one witch can't do alone, two or three can do together. although a witch can channel their magic in a way to improve their natural abilities, such as strength and speed. such enchantments are only temporary and leave the witch unable to use their magic in other ways, and often leave them feeling weak and drained afterward.

the more magic a witch uses they more energy is required. a witch can draw energy from the elements and earth, which is channeled through their body. the act of magic is very taxing on the body, channeling too much energy alone and using magic constantly for long periods of time will tire out the witch, can result in blackouts, comas, death, or even the "burning out" of a witch's magic, making it impossible for them to wield magic ever again. for this reason, magical battles are typically shorter than a battle with fists or claws.


→ powers typically range from placing small and temporary curses on items or people, to controlling elements. other powers that witches manifest are psychic in nature, which include seers and those who can see auras. though almost all witches have some form of psychic intuition, which tells them when they're around other magic users or supernatural beings as well as heightening their senses and general awareness of their environment.

→ witches can also make a different kind of charms for different kind of occasions. if you need to be safe from a certain harm, if you need a love potion, if you want to locate your lost shoe – you can ask a witch to help you out. just remember, magic has a price. some witches can be a bit wicked with the things they are asking in return for their spells.

→ witches age just like humans and can get sick like humans. however, through spells, they can slightly slow down their aging process and eliminate most illness from their bodies. poisons and injuries still affect them, although magic can heal and protect the witch.

→ some spells or other forms of magic are simply too powerful for one witch to complete on their own, some are even difficult for a whole circle. without the proper amount of power, these magics have been known to kill witches, have no results, or incomplete/reserved effects.

→ black magic is considered evil and immoral and isn’t commonly used in witchcraft anymore. some witches still practice the dark arts and the ones who do are considered the black sheep to their race and not to be trusted. witches can cast spells on each other. the older or more powerful the witch, the harder it is to cast a spell on them. a witch can take on the powers of another witch and become more powerful by consuming their heart.

→ witches blood can be consumed by vampires and werewolves. their blood is not lethal but can give you a feeling of drunkenness if heavy amounts are consumed. it is also said that their blood is sweeter in taste.

→ during a full moon, a witch’s powers and sexual urges intensify.

→ if someone else besides a witch gets hold of a spellbook it will be of no use to them, only witches can make the spells work.


angels are usually given one job, and they are responsible for that one job for all of the eternity -- or until the job is no longer applicable. these jobs can be anything from guarding something or someone, acting as a muse to seers and others with foresight, watching, recording, and even killing. there are angels that are responsible for watching orphans and there are angels that are responsible for bringing justice to the forces of darkness through fighting and death.

even with all of that pressure and motivation to do good, there are angels that stray from the path. not all of them are evil either or have negative intent. all it takes for an angel to fall is for them to disobey their commandments. this can be anything from failing a mission due to purposeful incompetence, to straying too far from the mission, or the darker and more obvious things like unlawful murder (or murder that falls outside of their mission) and acts of actual evil.

once an angel has done something explicitly wrong that cannot be forgiven, their wings are cut off and only the shadow of their wings remains. those angels are cast out of heaven. they are bound to the earthly plane of existence and can never return to the heavenly kingdom. a good percentage of these angels become bitter, their souls being tarnished by their anger. most usually fall into darkness quickly, spending their immortal existence plotting revenge, the fallen angels become much like demons, finding joy in mortal (and even immortal) suffering. they are not, however, demons, and they would most likely destroy anyone who referred to them as such. fallen angels are usually arrogant and haughty, not even giving each other the time of day. they dislike clerics and priests and in most cases would go out of their way to kill one (or just be very distrustful of that person), this goes for demons as well. some people would think that fallen angels and demons would become natural allies, but that is far from the truth. angels and demons have been enemies since the beginning of time and even though fallen angels have been cast out of the heavens, they have learned deep anger, perhaps for the simple fact that they are not far from being a demon themselves.

angels are not omniscient beings, although their knowledge, is extensive. their angelic power exists in the form of grace, "an energy", connected to an angel's true form, often perceived as brilliant white light. an angel's true voice is often heard as an ear-piercing, high-pitched sound which can shatter glass. some humans can understand this true voice, but to most, it is overwhelming, painful, or sometimes fatal to behold. for these reasons, angels most often communicate with humans through dreams, or through a vessel. the person they possess must consent to this, as opposed to demonic possession which is non-consensual. while occupied, the vessel's blood is altered by the angel's presence.

angels are able to maintain their vessels without food, water, or sleep, and to heal them after they are injured. their vessels are also resistant to disease. possessed vessels do not age. also, weakened angels in vessels can become drunk, but it takes an extremely large amount of alcohol. an angel's ability to maintain and heal its vessel can be used to repair the fatal damage that even their healing power can't fix.

if an angel takes a vessel that cannot hold the angel's power, it will begin to burn out unless they find a more suitable one. in extreme cases, the vessel will explode upon possession. if a vessel does not want the angel in them anymore and they are aware of the possession, they can expel the angel possessing them though it seems to cause no harm besides rendering the angel bodiless.

all angels have some level of foresight, or intuition, and can feel good intentions, but it's something that has to be practiced. among that seemingly divine skill is a short list of other abilities that include being able to control when and if others see them and a general control of their natural environment. (if a rock is falling from the sky, they can pause it in mid-flight, or if a tree is in the way, they can make it bend out of the way and then bent back the way it was before, things like that.. they don't need to eat, but they can if they want to. they're stronger than humans, and can run at astounding speeds in short bursts.

fallen angels have no recognition of pain and they heal quickly, but they are not immortal when injured by weapons forged from the darkness. vampire bites don't heal quickly like other wounds do, and there are weapons that can kill angels. the blood of a vampire will weaken and kill an angel in the same way that angel's blood affects vampires.

when angels converse with each other, they speak enochian. angels are able to speak to each other without them being physically present. this communication is known as "angel radio", a common method of relaying information between angels, a telepathic link; angels also have some ability to read human minds.


→ fallen angels have their abilities limited. fallen angels lose their ability to teleport, although they retain their other abilities and weaknesses, such as being held off by angel-banishing sigils or their ability to heal, as well as still requiring vessels.

→ fallen angels are a target. any angel or demon who comes across a fallen one will go out of their way to take them out.

→ fallen angels can no longer bless anything.

→ enochian sigils can be used to disguise the location of those bearing the symbols. they can also be used to keep angels from entering a building.

→ superhuman strength doesn't come from the vessels muscles but from the angelic power. they also have an extreme control on their strength.

→ angels have the ability to move and influence objects with their minds.

→ angels, even while occupying vessels, can render themselves unseen.

→ angels have the ability to kill by placing a hand on the forehead of their target and death is swift and painless.

→ angels are able to see objects and beings that are invisible to humans.

→ angels have the ability to communicate using their minds.

→ angels can enter human dreams in order to communicate with them. they do not need to know where the person is to use this ability.

→ by reaching into a human's chest, an angel can read marks left on the human's soul by another angel. this procedure is very painful for the human but leaves little physical damage.

→ angels have the ability to sound like any human they choose.

→ angels have the ability to go backward and forward through time.

→ angels have the ability to take away and restore a human's memories. angels can also implant fake memories.

→ angels are capable of freezing objects by breathing on them.

→ angels can manipulate weather at will.


demons are malevolent spirits. they are created from human souls that have endured extensive torture in hell by other demons until no humanity is left in them, thus turning into dark, malicious spirits that revel in pain, chaos, and death. most demons forget what it means to be human. some have even forgotten that they were once human. in general, demons engage in torture and destruction because it is fun or to avoid being tortured themselves. in this process, they become corrupted, extremely evil, and also very powerful. similar to angels, they require a vessel to walk the earth, though are able to roam in their smoke form.

some demons are sent to earth to accomplish certain tasks, such as causing disasters, spreading diseases, or manipulating people into committing crimes that will get them sent to hell. to do this, they have to take a vessel in order to physically exist.

when they possess humans, they usually enter through their mouths. possessed humans often look exactly the same as they did before possession, the only noticeable change being that their eyes will sometimes change color (black, red, white, gray, or yellow depending on the demon possessing them). demon possession also causes a chemical change in the circulatory system of the host; demon blood is known to be a unique serum and has certain attributes when ingested.

often under possession, the human begins speaking and acting like the demon would. upon exorcism the human - if they survived - retains no memory of their time during possession (unless they have been "awake" during the possession, in which case the time of possession is a nightmare for them). the possessed humans also gain the powers of whichever demon is possessing them. unlike angels, whose possession of a human vessel has to be with the vessel's consent, demons forcibly possess humans. people suffering from stress, fear or panic can be vulnerable to demonic possession.

when possessing a human, the demon invades their muscles, bones, and brains and can also access their host's memories while possessing them (even if it is a brief possession). this ability can be thwarted by anti-possession tattoos. also under certain circumstances, the person being possessed can regain control if his or her will is strong enough. demons can also possess humans who are already possessed by an angel (and probably by another demon), but the only problem is the angel can neutralize it because angels are naturally stronger than demons. in many cases, the demon will ride the host hard for fun and once they vacate, the host will die.

injuries that would be fatal to humans, such as broken necks or gunshot wounds, have very little - if any - effect on demons. they can only be killed by special weapons or rituals. unlike the angels, they don't always heal their vessels. if the vessel receives too much damage they simply find another human to possess, leaving their former vessel to die.

demons can give any human power, giving him or her the supernatural abilities. though this power is often hard to control. earning abilities through a demon means complete and utter submission to it. the demon will be able to experience anything and everything that the person does.

witches who swear their allegiance to demons lose complete control over their powers. while their powers are heightened tenfold, the kick back of doing spells are increased as well, sapping not only the energy from the witch, but also sapping from their life force.

demons don't usually move around in groups. due to their rather competitive nature, it is often that demons find fellow demons a threat to their own targets. sometimes, though, they do play nice with their own kind, but only to achieve a goal. even then, one cannot completely trust a friendly demon, knowing that they will probably want something in return. demons have no quarrel with killing or torturing their own kind to achieve their goals. high-ranking demons will casually sacrifice their underlings without hesitation. at the same time, though, some demons may forge bonds with other demons.


→ demons can only possess witches, humans, or reanimate the corpse of a human or witch.

→ demons must maintain a host. when a host dies the demon becomes a long, slender cloud of black smoke. host bodies may live on if the demon is expelled and the character will then be a witch/human again.

→ angels and other supernatural beings can see the true faces of demons underneath their vessels.

→ demons have the power of teleportation and superhuman strength. they are immortal, and hosts do not age while possessed.

→ demons are not affected by poison and sicknesses. although mountain ash works just the same as on any supernatural creature.

→ when a demon has used its powers, they leave a trace of sulfur in the form of yellow dust in the nearby space, or if on a person, around the victim.

→ demons, although being tortured and twisted human souls, can be cured.

→ demons often disrupt nearby electronics with their presence. large numbers of demons can cause thunderstorms.

→ demons never tire, and do not require food, water, oxygen, or sleep to sustain themselves.

→ demons possess superior physical strength compared to that of humans; capable of physically overpowering humans. demons can also overpower most other species.

→ demons are able to see hidden supernatural activity and beings.

→ demons have an enhanced sense of smell and taste.


holy water - holy water burns demons that come into contact with it.
exorcism - demons could be exorcised and send back to hell.
flesh sigil - by carving a particular sigil into a demon's possessed flesh, it is possible to lock the demon within its host and disable its powers.
hallowed ground - demons are unable to enter hallowed ground.
hex bags - hex bags can be used to hide people from demons. A variant also could harm and kill demons.
holy fire - holy fire could destroy a demon's vessel and is capable of killing most of them.
iron - most demons are vulnerable to iron and the contacting with it, burns their skin.
salt - most demons are unable to cross a line of salt and could be harmed and tortured by it. Under some circumstances, the ingestion of large quantities of salt can force a demon to vacate its host.
angels - angels are capable of overpowering and smiting most demons. blades crafted by angels are capable of killing most demons.
burning their human remains - burning the bones of a demon's original body could kill the demon.
magic - demons could be restrained, harmed and killed by magic.

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