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hurricane cove is a supernatural apartment/town game set on a magnificent idyllic coast of south florida. the cove's inhabitants are a mix of long-time locals (both native populations and the descendants of once-fine european families), tourists (come for scuba, surf and golf), and the growing young crowd who’ve taken up residence in the hotels and residences. the town’s reputation for tolerance and welcome has made hurricane cove a popular destination for all supernatural creatures.

your characters may reside in the casaluna condominium, stay at one of the cove's tourist accommodations or even on their own boat in the marina. you may play a 500 years old vampire millionaire, a bartender werewolf, a witch doctor, a human art student, a merman scuba instructor or even a homeless hunter. the choice is yours.

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hurricane cove is a slash friendly game, yet do not let that discourage any characters or players of other sexualities. adult themes and scenes are allowed but should not be the majority of the game. it is expected characters and players will play out plots and stories, not just smut. so if you are looking for a fun friendly place to play out your characters in supernatural storylines, be they gay or straight, male or female, this is the place for you.

game is open now! adds will be done on sundays and wednesdays.

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Apr. 28th, 2017 07:54 pm
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