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hurricane cove is a community for original au and pb characters. (no canons, no celebrities, even though your character can be famous within the game verse.) the game is based on the interaction between characters who meet each other via community posts, public events, and aim chat.

the main community, [community profile] hurricanecove_main is used for any of the following:
ic introductions
discussion topics
event announcements

the ooc community, [community profile] hurricanecove_ooc should be used for:
storyline requests
hiatus and hiatus lift posts

the rp community, [community profile] hurricanecove_rp may be used for posting:
threads for scenes and community-wide action posts



this is an adult rpg with mature content. 18+ only please.

activity UPDATED!

characters must be active in the community through comments, narratives, logs/threads, hosted community-wide events, journal entries or/and on aim.

while this game is not a sandbox, it is a group psl, meant as a laidback, fun environment rather than a large-scale community and as such, our activity checks will simply consist of a monthly roll call with journal names.

at the beginning of every month, a post will be made with a list of characters who have not updated during the previous month. every mun must make sure they check the post for their character's name(s).

players will be given 1 week to comment on the list OR to contact the mod with an explanation why they are unable to meet the deadline. failure to do either will result in those characters being removed from the comm.

character limit

there is no character limit at this time but please be active in all your roles. the mod will maintain the right to deny or extend players the right to pick up additional characters based on their own discretion. if you have several inactive characters, you'll be asked to provide a good reason as to why you want a new one.


hiatus periods cannot go beyond two weeks. hiatuses taken in the last week of the month will not exempt a character from monthly activity requirements unless discussed with the mods. extensions may be given if requested.


your journal must be used for [personal profile] hurricanecove exclusively. journal names must include your character's name, for example johnsmith, jhnsmth, jsmith, smithjn are all acceptable names for John Smith but smithereens or smitemehard are not!! please have at least one icon uploaded of your character. please be aware that in this game we use real-life celebrities (actors, musicians, models, athletes, etc.) to represent 'faces' of our characters.

keep ooc and ic separate

it is very important that separation between in-character and out of character is recognized. do not have your characters react to something because you have learned something or read something while out of character, or because you do not approve of the writer. please keep things realistic.


please do not kill a character without consulting the mod beforehand.

there are many abilities that have the potential to strip others of free will. before using any such abilities in the game on another character, the mun whose character is being manipulated must be spoken to first, and they must agree to the scene.

don't leave corpses around all the time - we don't want bodies everywhere, but one or two for drama isn't bad.

serious plots (deaths, pregnancies, etc.) must be discussed with and approved by a mod beforehand.

both female and male pregnancies are allowed here. if you disapprove, then this game won't be a good fit for you. should you wish to request a pregnancy line, let the mod know. do not start the line without the mod's approval as there will be a limited number of pregnancies allowed in the game at one time. depending on the species, pregnancies will last a different amount of time, please consult with the mod.

while this is not an a/b/o game, strictly speaking, you are welcome to play your character as an alpha or an omega in your adult (smut) threads. we leave these details to the individual writer's and their storyline partners' discretion and same goes for the way the pregnancy details are handled as well.

character pregnancies list NEW!

current pregnancies:
[personal profile] calvinjames
[personal profile] m_oconell due in november

planned pregnancies:
[personal profile] papanoam - finds out mid-july
[personal profile] garys - finds out early august

writing style

in this game, we use third-person past tense (bookstyle) for all logs, threads, and narratives. ic chat between two characters on aim should be done in first-person present tense.


no godmodding or metagaming. please respect your fellow players. the mod reserves the right to remove anyone they deem as harmful to the community and its writers, for the protection of said writers, as well as the mental welfare of all involved.

abiding by the rules is important to maintain order in the community. it helps to ensure matters flow smoothly. questions or concerns should be addressed here.


city regulations

hurricane cove follows the laws instituted by the united states of america and the state of florida, but it does have a few regulations and ordinances that pertain to the city exclusively.

supernatural and human interactions:

supernaturals and humans are to live peacefully among each other.

supernaturals may not unwillingly use a human for any supernatural act unless the human allows it and has consented verbally. this includes drinking blood, using them for a spell or any other act. any acts that bring harm to a human without their consent will result in the involvement of the authorities.

turning a human either into a vampire or werewolf must be approved by the hurricane cove city council (the admin). any human who is forced to turn into a vampire or werewolf must immediately reach out to authorities and turn over the name of the supernatural who turned them. any humans turned without approval will be handled by the city council and all parties involved will be reprimanded at their discretion.


in this game canon, commitment is not taken lightly. Lovers form bonds with a special connection with telepathic or empathetic qualities. mates are usually found by 'pull' and once mated, it becomes unbearable for the two to be separated. the first phase of mating is engaging in an intercourse, the second phase is leaving a mark on the partner's skin, either through a bite or a tattoo/a brand. the mark is the sign of a mated partner. if a mate were to die, they're usually reluctant to take another one, though it is possible and acceptable to do so. the second mating mark must be simply made. depending on the species, it is possible to take several mates and as such, poly relationships aren't frowned upon, however sleeping with someone's mate without their mate's consent is still considered a taboo.

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