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hurricane cove is a supernatural apartment/town game set on a magnificent idyllic coast of south florida. the cove's inhabitants are a mix of long-time locals (both native populations and the descendants of once-fine european families), tourists (come for scuba, surf and golf), and the growing young crowd who’ve taken up residence in the hotels and residences. the town’s reputation for tolerance and welcome has made hurricane cove a popular destination for all supernatural creatures.

your characters may reside in the casaluna condominium, stay at one of the cove's tourist accommodations or even on their own boat in the marina. you may play a 500 years old vampire millionaire, a bartender werewolf, a witch doctor, a human art student, a merman scuba instructor or even a homeless hunter. the choice is yours.

To the ordinary eye, this not-too-small picturesque seaside town is merely that. One might believe that the most interesting thing to ever occur in Hurricane Cove is the annual, and quite odd, Midsummer Festival that occurs every June. Every spring, it is the site of eager tourists looking to find a piece of serenity and quiet. During the fall, the students all return to classes, hoping that their studies won't be interrupted guessed it, a hurricane. Winters here are warm with the snowbirds of all feathers flocking down to the cove. So it would be quite a stretch for anyone of sound mind to make contradicting claims against the quite obviously cookie cutter South Florida town.

Yet below the surface lies a secret that the town has held since long before its official founding. The first documentation of Hurricane Cove goes all the way back to the late 1500’s. Journals, scriptures and scattered paperwork are the foundation that shows the creation of this town. The journals in a foreign language that weren’t translated until hundreds of years later first revealing the suspicion of supernatural beings. The humans have never been able to prove it and the others have never had to admit it. An old powerful warlock who wanted nothing more than to protect the city placed a spell, one that was strong enough to hold for centuries in hopes that it will exist even after he was gone.

During the infamous Witch Trials that swept the Colonies in the late 17th century, a group of supernaturals fled from the ever-watchful eye of humanity and took up camp along this little stretch of coast. Why they chose this area has never been completely clear, but legend claimed that somewhere deep in the sand a Nexus of magical energy drew them there. Whether it was true or not has never been proven. But it is reinforced by the simple fact that throughout the last three hundred years, supernaturals from all over have found themselves drawn to the area.

At the turn of this millennium one of the vampire elders took particular interest in Hurricane Cove and purchased premises to build what has become an adult pleasure complex, a playground that caters to all walks of life, both mortal and immortal and offers dazzling theaters, restaurants, shops and casino. Hurricane Cove has quickly become a mecca for tourism. Music plays eternally in the halls and on the dance floors and famous musicians are enticed from all over the world to perform in the bars, clubs and theaters.

In Hurricane Cove, you can buy anything from leather to lace, rare diamonds and antiques, food from every country and a plethora of anything your heart desires to indulge in. a mixture of old and new combined with luxuriant scents and extravagant dining.

The residents consist of the recluse and private millionaires to the locals, average income workers and owners of the shops. Peace and tranquility can be found in your own private suite or cottage, located adjacent to the bustling nightlife of the miniature city.

So while the humans go about their day-to-day, the very creatures they believe to be nothing but nightmares and fairytales walk amongst them, pretending to be just as normal as they. If you’re of a supernatural species yourself you may be aware of your kin's presence but unless they make themselves known and obvious you will always be wondering and never finding out. This is the power of the city and this is why people thought it was just another urban legend for so long. Since finding the place to be true, the leaders of the supernatural species have formed a pact. They agreed to live there in harmony for everyone’s safety.

Could you live in a town where you didn’t know who was what? Could you feel safe in a place that didn’t house only humans? Could you build a life in a city that could suck you into the world you didn't believe could exist? Could you open up your mind to things beyond your grasp or control? If you answered no to any of these questions above then this isn’t the city for you. Otherwise, what are you waiting for? Snatch up some real estate and make yourself at home!

hurricane cove is a slash friendly game, yet do not let that discourage any characters or players of other sexualities. adult themes and scenes are allowed but should not be the majority of the game. it is expected characters and players will play out plots and stories, not just smut. so if you are looking for a fun friendly place to play out your characters in supernatural storylines, be they gay or straight, male or female, this is the place for you.

game is open now! adds will be done on sundays and wednesdays.

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